Car Umbrella


  • Material: Oxford Cloth+Polyester
  • Function: Waterproof, dustproof,and UV resistant.
  • Unfold Size: 400*210cm/157.5″*82.7″
  • Color: Navy Blue

About product

  • Made of 100% Oxford to be super waterproof and easy to clean up, protect your car from snowfrostice in winter,The car tent cover also keeps your car away from acid rain,bird droppings,dust or leaves in spring and autumn.

  • Big enough to fully cover most vehicles: car tent umbrella size 157 x 82 inch. can fully cover the main body of most cars, sedans, SUV, trucks, pickup.

  • Car interiors become hot and uncomfortable when exposed to the sun for too long, and you need to let the hot air out before you get in. This car cover solves this problem because it gives shade to the entire body of the car and even protects your children from the heat.

  • Suitable for many occasions, such as parking, camping trips, business trips, and taking a nap in the car while waiting.

Grey, Red, Yellow

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