Easily Cut Your Head & Shave Your Beards  SPEEDILY From The Comfort Of Your Home, Without Any Skin Irritation Or Cuts, Using This 5-in-1 MultiFunctional 5D Electric Shaver.

Perfect for Bald Head And Sentive Skin.. Cordless And Rechargeable

You will agree with me that as one is getting older, so also is the body getting weaker and more sensitive.

Hence, simple things like shaving the head and beards shoudn’t be over-complicated and stressful. 

Unlike before, when you have to jump from one barber to another, every week or days just to have your head cut.

Couple with all the side effects like cutting your skin, especially if you have a sensitive skin or bald head, and the risk of getting chronic diseases like HIV, HPS, Bumps etc

You will also agree with me that, this age isn’t the best time to start nursing sicknesses, instead, this should be the time when we need to sit down and enjoy the fruits of our labor. 

Therefore, if you want to have your bald head looking good all the time

Then you need this easy head shaver that you can easily use every single day without harming your skin

Let Me Tell You How Powerful This Is!

  • This 5D Electric Shaver is made with an amazing technology and comes with 5 different Multi-function shaving tool like head/beard shaver, facial cleansing brush, trimmer, nasal hair, face washing etc
  • This shaver has an Independent FIVE floating blades with double ring cutting design that gives you a flawless shaving experience.
  • This Blades can be used upto 1 years under normal use, and also can be easily replaced if needed
  • Portable and Convenient: Stainless steel blade head with 3 different length of orientation combs, and pulling out cutter head design makes it more flexible and effective
  • Fully Washable and Easy To Clean: You can easily open up the shaver, flush the interior and air dry.
  • Quickly and comfortably shave both long and short hair with more comfort for an affordable price
  • Easy To use: Unlike clippers, where you need someone to help you. This tool comes handy, allowing you to easily shave yourself
  • Barb Without Light: You can use this shaver anytime even there is power outage because it is rechargeable. After fully charged, this tool can last about an hour
  • Easy To Carry Around: This is the perfect shaver for travellers. You can easily pack this into your travelling bag and shave your head and beard anytime.

Waterproof And Cordless Letting You Shave While You Shower.

Get A Complete Men’s Grooming Kit For The Price of 1 Head Shaver.


  • Scalp Polishing & Exfoliation Brush
  • Nose Hair Trimmer.
  • Facial Massage Brush.
  • Pop-up Detailed Beard Trimmer.
  • Hair Clipper With 3 Guards.

Stop Paying Monthly For New Expensive Razor Cartridges.

The cost of cartridge razor blades is only going up with time, but their quality stays the same. Our Head Shaver uses self-sharpening razor heads that are built to last, unlike flimsy razors.

Here Is What Users Are Saying

How Much Does This Cost?

When we first research this shaver, We were sure it will go for at least N40,000 or even N60,000 or even more.

But you’d be surprised to find out that you can get it right now for just N19,500 (versus N40,000 in speciality Stores). It’s an amazing deal considering that most people won’t think twice paying 40,000 for it.

COST = N19,500


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